Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Study Desk Pop Up Card Templates and Instruction Video (from Back to School Post)

This is a similar card I made for the instruction video.
 View from a slightly different angle. 

Link to the templates:

Instruction Video

My apology for the too close camera angle.  I am still trying to figure why the output is different from what I have seen on my Mac screen.  If you have any suggestion/answer, I would truly appreciate them. 

Please feel free to use the design for non commercial purpose.  Please contact me if you are planning to use it for charity purpose.

Hope you enjoy making this card and I look forward to seeing your creation.


Saturday, 12 September 2015

Going to College

This week I made a quick and simple card for my niece who has just started her college.  Time really flies, I still remember baby-sitting a 4-month old baby who has cried all the entire hour while her mom was with the dentist.  I am so proud of this young lady.

Materials used:

I presented this card in the following challenges:
{Update on 16 Sept 2015}
Both the templates and instruction video are available on the Study Desk Pop Up Card Templates and Instruction Video Post.

Thanks for stopping by.