Tuesday, 22 January 2013

My first scrap book layout..

Decided to venture into layout (something I thought I would not do since the 12' by 12" size seems so daunting) when I saw this beautiful piece of paper from Webster's Pages Best Friends collection.

When I first saw the wedding photos from a friend, I immediately noticed the photography style and clothing were dated to 10 years ago.   However, after flipping through them, I noticed that there was such radiance on the bride's face with a timeless beauty.   With that, I began to crop a few photos with her face only.

So this is my take of their wedding memory in year "2013".

As the paper and the photos have beautiful hues of colours, I decided to use light colour embellishment minimally.  

Perhaps, I will take another layout challenge but using a "minimalist" style.   Until then, thank you for stopping by.

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